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Vehicle workplace incidents on the increase

Sep 28th, 2018

A risk insight article just released by Zurich has caught our attention, mainly because the report is highlighting an area that we too have identified as an increasing issue.

Zurich comment that in recent years they have seen an ever increasing number of claim incidents involving vehicles in the workplace, and most specifically involving the use of forklift trucks. As organisations have turned to the utilisation of “powered” work equipment, helping to increase productivity and reduce manual handling exposures, it seems a more significant workplace risk has been introduced. In this case, the problem created by the interaction of people and moving vehicles.

Zurich’s publication highlights some examples of serious injuries that have occurred involving forklift trucks in the workplace (for instance, a claimant working close to the vehicle entrance at an insured's loading area, when he was run over by a forklift truck). We know other insurers are seeing similar events and all too often they are occurring when companies have failed to implement appropriate risk controls.

Zurich are illustrating their experiences in this area by documenting risk management guidance which can be found here. The information may be helpful to many businesses as, alongside the background information to the report, it offers guidance in areas such as segregation, operators, loading and unloading. Zurich’s “Insider” platform is a great knowledge resource area for insurance brokers and it contains a host of risk management publications that can be shared with clients. Many other insurers have similar facilities, all helping to demonstrate the support and guidance insurers and brokers can provide to businesses and individuals.

Risk management advice is something that can get overlooked by some customers when choosing their insurance provider. However, some might consider that taking the time to listen to advice and guidance is as important as the level of premium, policy coverage and claims service. If you would like to know more about how we can help with your insurance and risk management, please get in touch here.

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