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Extra funds for NHS in Budget - is health insurance also key?

Nov 22nd, 2017

Philip Hammond delivered his second Budget as chancellor today. Linked here are the key points of his speech (courtesy of BBC news).

In amongst some of the headline announcements, such as the “state of the economy” and Brexit, came the news that NHS England will receive £2.8bn in extra funding , with an immediate pledge of £350m to address pressures this winter.

There is no doubt that our NHS is stretched and in much need of extra resources. It needs to be second to none for emergencies, and in dealing with serious or chronic illnesses, so it is only right resources for those services take precedence.

Private healthcare insurance can reduce the burden on the NHS by providing an alternative option to its policyholders. It provides flexibility to access services when most convenient for you, your family or business.  It may also pay for treatments where NHS funding would be unavailable. It is a complex product and it is difficult for consumers and businesses to make reliable comparisons of different plans. Using a broker to shortlist and explain the policies most suited to your needs can save time and expense.

Although the NHS very often does a great job with limited resources, millions of people in the UK decide they would rather be treated privately. It is particularly popular with business people and the self-employed who need to return to work as quickly as possible.

We can access plans that let you choose where and when you have treatment, with a network of consultants and private hospitals aimed at providing prompt diagnosis and access to the best possible medical care. Why not ask us for a quotation, you may be pleasantly surprised by what it costs.

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